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who we are

who we are

SORCO is dedicated to rehabilitating injured and orphaned birds of prey for release back to the wild, and to educating the public to the important role raptors play in maintaining a healthy ecosystem.

In 1987, the Ministry of BC issued an operating permit to SORCO, a registered Not for Profit Society.


We are the only Raptor Rehab Center servicing the entire Okanagan Valley and West Kootenays. A dedicated team of volunteers and staff cares for over 150 injured or orphaned birds a year. In order to keep the facilities as stress-free as possible for the birds in care, the facility is not open to the public except for an annual Open House.


SORCO relies on public donations and proceeds from our annual open house for all costs associated with bird care. We also receive funding through grants, foundations and sponsorships.


SORCO’s Manager is Dale Belvedere.

SORCO hosts an Annual Open House, which is the one day a year when members of the public can visit the facility. 


Founded by Sherri Klein. Incorporated & registered not for profit society


Governor General Award contribution to community and environment


2000 sq ft Education Centre + flight pens constructed


1500 sq ft state of the art new clinic and rehab pens completed


Service area extended to cover the entire Okanagan Valley and West Kootenays 


New flight pens constructed increasing capacity by 25%


what we do

what we do


Volunteer couriers rescue injured and orphaned birds of prey throughout the entire Okanagan Valley and West Kootenays. They are then examined by one of our volunteer Veterinarians and then transferred to our facility to begin their recovery.


Trained volunteers and staff follow a daily detailed care plan for the Raptors until they are healthy enough to be released back to the wild.


Following a successful rehab, they are released back to the wild. As raptors mate for life and may be familiar with their territory they are released in close proximity to where they were found.


We provide education programs for children and the general public about the importance of Raptors and Conservation.

Read some of SORCO’s success stories here.

where we are

Oliver, British Columbia

where we are

Oliver - By Jack Borno, CC BY-SA 3.0 (1)

The SORCO site is comprised of multiple housing and rehabilitation facilities for birds in care. SORCO also hosts a food centre consisting of a laboratory-standard rat breeding facility.

Tap the images below for descriptions.

SORCO is the only facility serving the entire Okanagan valley and West Kootenays. We receive more than 150 injured and orphaned birds a year.


dedicated to conservation

We are proud to work with like-minded organizations and associations who are dedicated to conservation of birds and their habitats.


SORCO is a member of the Wildlife Rehabilitators Network of BC and the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council. It also has partnerships with the Burrowing Owl Conservation Society of BC, Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Government of British Columbia, Nature Trust, Okanagan Nation Alliance, Penticton Indian Band and the Regional District of the Central Okanagan.

our partners

Business Number: 119158103RR0001

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