It was an unusually cold rainy morning when the emergency phone rang. It was the conservation officer from Vernon, he had a very distressed man on the line calling about a 3 week old orphaned red tail hawk chick, whose mother was tragically killed the day before. SORCO volunteers arrived shortly after to find the hawk nest 60 feet atop a pine tree. Using binoculars they could see the chick. A call was placed to the city for assistance but they didn’t have a large bucket truck. With the clock ticking and knowing the chick had not been fed for a least 12 hrs they knew time was running out.

A local tree company was contacted that said they would help and would be there as soon as possible. A hail storm had come through and was now beating down on the unprotected nest but all that could be done, was wait. Eventually the rescue crew arrived, reached the nest, leaned in and pulled the chick to safety. After several months of dedicated care at SORCO “Frankie” was successfully released.