A mature Bald Eagle remained at SORCO for several months suffering from serious and multiple soft tissue injuries and suspected concussion. Eventually with much patience and care the Eagle completely recovered and was ready to be released.

Eagles mate for life so the release location was in close proximity to where it was found. The public were invited to attend the release.
The Eagle was transported in a large pet cage which was then placed on the roof of a vehicle the door was opened and after a short while it left the cage and flew to a near-by tree where it perched in the high branches as it familiarized itself to the area.

After several minutes, and with the audience watching, it soared up into the warm air currents circling slowly up into the sky.

All of a sudden from some distance away another eagle could be seen flying directly toward it. As it approached the two began a high pitched series of whistling sounds and were soon flying in tandem closely together. His mate had returned after patiently waiting over 5 months. They flew off together reunited.