A mother Great Horned Owl was found poisoned and blinded, sitting motionless on a picnic table she had been catching rodents poisoned by a local RV park. She had been eating the mice, and feeding the poisoned food to her babies. Her two chicks were in a tree nearby almost starved to death because they hadn’t been fed by their mom for three days. All were rescued and taken to SORCO.

The following days were very critical to the birds survival and they were carefully hand fed food injected with a powerful poison antidote. The volunteers and staff worked tirelessly monitoring and caring for the family. As the days past the mother’s sight improved, the chicks slowly recovered and soon thy were reunited into a Rehab flight pen. They were fiercely protective of each other. They remained at the facility until they had demonstrated their ability to hunt, feed themselves and proficient in their flying ability. They were returned back to the wild to a safe and appropriate location.

Wildlife, and pets are at serious risk of getting sick and dying from ingesting rodents that have eaten poison. Predatory wildlife will control rodent problems naturally with no harmful side effects. There is no safe poison!