SORCO Hill slide damage

“The Day the Earth Moved!”

The SORCO Medical Centre was damaged recently when the side of a hill gave way & rocks tumbled into the back of the building & damaged the siding. Fortunately no one was injured & the building can be repaired.

Hill Slide

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 1.59.51 PM

Corrective action was quickly taken to prevent any future problems. One of our generous supporters, Kon Kast Products, heard about our issue & donated several large concrete barriers to stop further serious damage.

Kon Kast delivered the barriers to SORCO & then MJ Excavating from Oliver created a large berm between the hill & the Clinic. They placed the barriers on top of the berm to make a significant protective shield. This solution will prevent any further damage & provide a safe work environment.

New Barrier

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 1.59.58 PM

This is an example of how companies can provide support for our conservation efforts by using their products & services to assist the efforts of the many dedicated volunteers at SORCO.

Our sincere thanks to Kon Kast Products & MJ Excavating Ltd.