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  • Volunteer Responsibility

    Volunteering at the SORCO Raptor Rehabilitation Centre can be both a challenging and rewarding experience. The care of the birds, rats and overall facilities, similar to a hospital, requires the highest level of attention to detail surrounding procedures and protocols necessary to ensure success in the rehabilitation process.

    Compliance cannot be deviated from these prescribed rules and regulations. The risk of imprinting and cross contamination could result in very serious irreversible consequences, unnecessary pain and stress to the birds and rats. It could also place a volunteer and SORCO staff in danger of infection or injury.

    In addition, IT WILL compromise the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resources permit allowing SORCO to continue operations.

    When considering volunteering for a position at SORCO, applicants should thoroughly consider the responsibility required of such a position. After doing so, a volunteer can look forward to participating in a most unique and rewarding contribution to the success of rehabilitating birds of prey and their eventual release to the wild.

  • Volunteer Assignments


    Depending on the number of birds in the clinic and the extent of the care required, allow 2-4 hours per shift. Your responsibilities include:

    • Feeding all birds either by placing food in their cage or by hand feeding
    • Administering medication as required
    • Providing fresh water daily
    • Cleaning cages daily
    • Charting records in each bird’s file
    • Cleaning clinic (i.e.: counters, floors, dishes, laundry, washroom)


    Generally takes approximately 1 hour per shift:

    • Providing fresh food and water daily
    • Cleaning 2-3 cages daily
    • Charting any new litters


    Must have a reliable vehicle:

    • When a call is received about an injured raptor a volunteer courier is sent to the location
    • You may have to capture the bird safely and put it in a cage
    • You will then transport the raptor directly to SORCO or to another volunteer                                                                                                  


    Depends on work load (4-6 hours per month):

    • Assisting with general office work, computer data entry and filing
  • Seeking Board of Director Members

    SORCO Board Member Role

    We are currently seeking new Board members to attend quarterly Board meetings and to potentially participate in standing committees for strategic planning, educational programs and event planning. 

    Your Reward

    Make a real difference in preserving nature in our area.

    Please email [email protected]
    Attention Dave Whitton-Chair

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Open House Volunteers


Volunteers are the foundation upon which SORCO has been built, and they are an integral part of our success.
There’s so much you can do through working with SORCO to help protect and save injured and orphaned raptors in our area. If you’d like to donate your skills and time, please emailDale Belvedere (Manager)  Email