Become a Volunteer


Volunteers are the foundation upon which SORCO has been built, and they are an integral part of our success.
There’s so much you can do through working with SORCO to help protect and save injured and orphaned raptors in our area. If you’d like to donate your skills and time, please complete the form below and email it to: Dale Belvedere (Manager)  Email

Volunteering Makes a Difference

Trish Dobransky, edited-3

For the past 18 years, Trish Dobransky has lived in Okanagan Falls with her husband and two children. She has a busy and fulfilling life, operating a hairstylist salon in her home and helping her kids with their individual pursuits. She’s been a hockey mom for her son as long as she can remember, right through to the junior level. She has also coached her daughter in competitive gymnastics. But her commitment to sports has changed in recent years as her children have gotten older and their interests changed.

“I was looking to focus my free time on something else,” admitted Trish. “My daughter and I attended the SORCO Open House last May and were intrigued and impressed with the work they were doing. We considered the SPCA but decided that SORCO would receive a greater benefit from our time.”

Dale Belvedere, the SORCO Board member who coordinates the volunteer program, is happy she chose SORCO.

“Trish is a wonderful volunteer,” said Dale. “She takes her assignment seriously, she’s dependable and she helps out in a variety of situations.”

Trish grew up on a river front property in Winnipeg and fondly remembers the owls that used to hang out in the nearby trees.

“I have good memories of those owls but I didn’t really know much about raptors before I started at SORCO,” said Trish. “The more I learn, the more I love what I’m doing. I feel like I’m making a difference. Rehabilitating injured or orphaned birds and releasing them back to the wild appeals to my maternal instincts. It‘s also very challenging because I never know what I will be coming into each week when I do my shift. I hope to be a part of SORCO for many years to come and continue to work with these amazing creatures.”

What it means to Give back

Sara Gordon and Peter Henderson believe in giving back. They really take it to heart. Especially when it comes to the environment.  It’s led them to volunteer for SORCO—the Okanagan Raptor Centre that rehabilitates injured and orphaned birds of prey, eventually releasing them back to the wild where they were found.

Peter currently works as a finishing carpenter in Kelowna, with dreams of opening his own environmentally friendly contracting company. Sara is a 4th year Bachelor of Science (Biology) student at UBCO. Upon completion of her degree, Sara intends to pursue a career in wildlife conservation.

“We were searching for ways to contribute, and instantly felt at home with SORCO,” said Sara. “It’s such an encouraging and supportive organization that we really feel like we’re part of the SORCO family.”

Sara and Peter have a caring attitude and realistic perspective of “where we are now” and “where we are going”. Or put another way, they “get it”. They know how important it is to show respect—for one another and for the earth we inhabit. Their attitude of personal and social responsibility to the world we live is reflective of the need to be good stewards.

“The Okanagan is a uniquely beautiful place to live,” said Sara. “Still, the increasing resource development and population growth will impact the environment in significant ways. SORCO stands for something and we’re proud to stand with them.”